Cal Water news release

Infrastructure Upgrade in Rancho Dominguez District Begins

Cal Water has begun a water infrastructure upgrade in Rancho Palos Verdes that will improve water supply reliability and fire protection to local residents and businesses. The project includes the installation of 4,718 feet of new 8-inch water main in the Littlebow Road area.

Work will be performed Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Cal Water will make every effort to minimize construction-related traffic delays during these times, according to District Manager Dan Armendariz.

After the pipes have been installed, they must be flushed and water quality tests performed before the main is put into service and individual water service connections are tied to the new main. All streets, sod, and landscaping impacted by construction will be restored to their previous condition, and permanent paving will be completed 30 days after the project is finished to ensure a smooth road surface. The entire project is expected to take about four months to complete.

“This major project will help ensure the water system stays reliable for our community for years to come and that firefighting capabilities are as strong as possible,” Armendariz said. “Cal Water is committed to providing our customers the same great quality, service, and value year after year, and water system improvement projects like this are critical to making that happen.”