Cal Water news release

Cal Water Evaluating Additional Options for Elevated Tanks

After learning about additional, potential alternatives to preserve its four Chico elevated water tanks, Cal Water announced today that it is exploring these options in determining whether it is feasible to retrofit the tanks to meet modern seismic standards.

A structural assessment conducted by a State of California registered, professional structural engineer had determined that the tanks’ towers were at moderate to high risk of failure in an earthquake. Additionally, the California Public Utilities Commission generally restricts the use of funds by Cal Water for infrastructure that is no longer needed to serve customers. All four tanks have been out of service for at least one year.

This week, however, potential third-party funding options to retrofit the tanks were presented by the Chico Heritage Association. Cal Water is currently investigating whether grants or other alternatives would be available to the company.

“Cal Water has been part of the Chico community since 1926, and these tanks are part of our own history, too,” Bonacich said. “Our highest priority has always been to protect our customers’ health and safety, and this includes the physical safety of our customers in close proximity to the tanks.”

“Given the historic value of these tanks, we want to be sure we carefully consider all avenues before moving forward and intend to work cooperatively with the Chico Heritage Association and community in doing so,” Bonacich continued.