Cal Water news release

Two Water Infrastructure Projects in Los Altos Complete

Los Altos tankCal Water recently completed two infrastructure improvement projects in Los Altos Hills that improve water supply reliability and fire protection for local customers. The first was the replacement of an aging water storage tank, and the second was the installation of more than 4,500 feet of new water main.

The new, 125,500-gallon, steel storage tank—which replaces an aging, 130,000-gallon, redwood tank—is expected to serve customers for the next 50 years. The tank replacement project also included a complex redesign of the station and foundation to better withstand the higher seismic activity in the area.

The 4,525-feet-long water main replacement project utilized 6-, 8-, and 12-inch ductile iron pipes, which provide better reliability in hilly and earthquake-prone areas. In conjunction with the main replacement, the crew also installed six new fire hydrants.

“Our team is pleased to complete both of these important projects, as the infrastructure upgrades will improve water storage and increase supply reliability for our customers,” said District Manager Ron Richardson. “These improvements to our water system will benefit our community for years to come, and we thank our customers for their patience and cooperation while construction was underway.”

Additionally, the complexity of both water system improvement projects meant that construction took several months. According to Richardson, crews took great care to ensure all safety precautions were followed and no accidents occurred.

“At Cal Water, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers by delivering a reliable supply of high-quality water. At the same time, we are also committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, employees, and work crews,” Richardson said. “I am very pleased that our crews completed both of these challenging, lengthy projects without a single accident.”