Cal Water news release

Water Efficiency and Conservation Award Presented

Kern Green awardsFor its contributions to Kern County in 2016, Cal Water has won the 2017 Kern Green Award for water efficiency and conservation. Cal Water took home the honor based on water conservation programs implemented in the utility’s Bakersfield and Kern River Valley districts in 2016; the programs saved approximately 21.7 million gallons (MG) of water last year and have an expected lifetime savings of 210.3 MG.

Kern Green, a local non-profit committed to protecting the environment through education and awareness, has partnered with numerous California organizations to promote a more sustainable future in Kern County. Kern Green works with residents, schools, businesses, other local non-profits, and the community to demonstrate the social, economic, and environmental benefits of integrating green practices into daily work and professional life. This is the second time Cal Water has received this recognition in the last three years.

In addition to winning the Water Efficiency and Conservation award, Cal Water sponsored the Kern Green Community Volunteer award this year. This award recognizes an individual who has helped Kern County become a healthier, cleaner, more livable community through volunteering efforts.

“We’re committed to being a responsible steward of the environment and are honored that Kern Green recognizes our efforts to protect this important natural resource,” said Ken Jenkins, Cal Water’s Director of Drought Management and Conservation., “We’re here to make good things happen in our community and will continue to focus on making conservation a California way of life.”