Cal Water news release

Main Replacement Project in Redwood City

A Cal Water main installation project in Redwood City is underway to replace nearly 6,000 feet of water mains along Rutherford and Alexander Avenues. The new water mains will prevent leaks, augment water flow, and enhance fire protection, while improving the overall water reliability of the system in the utility’s Bear Gulch District.

Crews will upgrade the older 6-inch, cast-iron main with new 8-inch PVC pipeline, which generally does not rust or corrode and is more cost-effective than other alternatives. For additional fire protection, crews will replace multiple, older fire hydrants in the area and add six new more efficient hydrants. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of June.

District Manager Dawn Smithson noted that the project will account for the growing landscape in the area, including a 20-foot island on Rutherford Avenue. “To avoid any negative impact to the trees and plants, crews will install mains on both sides of the divided roadway and add fire hydrants to both sides,” said Smithson. “We are pleased to begin this water system upgrade, as we are committed to making improvements that ensure the continued delivery of high-quality water to our customers, both during normal operations and in case of an emergency.”