Cal Water news release

Cal Water Installs New Main in Kern River Valley District

Cal Water has started an infrastructure improvement project in the city of Kernville that includes the installation of 700 feet of new water main along Durwood Street. This water system upgrade will enhance reliability, water quality, and fire protection for local customers.

The current 4-inch cement pipes will be replaced with 6-inch PVC main, which will improve the water supply reliability of the system. PVC generally does not rust or corrode and is considered to be more cost-effective than other alternatives. During construction, crews will also install an additional fire hydrant to enhance firefighting capabilities.

According to Cal Water Local Manager Chris Whitley, the Durwood Street infrastructure project is unique, because the crew will create a loop where the water mains end to provide better water flow and circulation in the area, which will improve water quality.

There may also be large boulders the crews must drill through during the installation, which could slow progress slightly; however, this is expected due to the location in the Kern River Valley. Crews will work as quickly as possible to minimize any temporary inconvenience the construction may cause for customers in the area.

“This infrastructure improvement project is part of our larger, proactive plan to replace aging water mains in the area,” said Whitley. “These projects will improve the quality and reliability of the water system for our customers in the Kern River Valley District.”

The project is expected to be completed by mid-June.