Cal Water news release

Two New San Carlos Storage Tanks to Increase Reliability

Cal Water will break ground on an infrastructure improvement project in the city of San Carlos that will add two new seismically designed, steel water storage tanks to the water system. The new tanks will improve water supply reliability during both normal conditions and during an emergency, as earthquakes and settlement are both concerns in the area. The project is slated to start next week.

One tank will be constructed at a station on Crestview Drive and the other at a station a few blocks away on Los Vientos Way. Cal Water worked with the city to ensure that the new 400,000-gallon tanks also blend in aesthetically with the neighborhood. The project is expected to be completed by December.

“This project is vital to improve the safety and reliability of the system,” said Interim District Manager Mike Utz. “With additional storage capability, our crew will be better equipped to provide water to our customers in San Carlos during normal conditions, as well as during emergencies or natural disasters.”