Cal Water news release

Main Replacement Project in Oroville Begins

Cal Water has started a water infrastructure improvement project in the city of Oroville that includes replacing 1,810 feet of aging water main. The new pipes will not only increase water flow to customers along Baggett Marysville Road, Parks Street, Rose Street, Summers Street, and Helman Street, but they will also enhance fire-fighting capabilities and improve water supply reliability of the system.

The previous 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch pipes made from steel, rod iron, or cement will be replaced by 6-inch and 8-inch PVC pipes. PVC generally does not rust or corrode and is considered to be more cost-effective than other alternatives. Additionally, crews will replace 32 customer service lines that lead to the new main. Finally, crews will install two new water hydrants and replace six others with hydrants which utilize a new design that allows for a larger flow of water for the fire department. The entire project is expected to be completed by mid-April.

“We are pleased to start on this important water system improvement project, which is a part of our larger, proactive main replacement plan in the area to ensure our water service remains reliable for our customers for decades to come,” said District Manager Toni Ruggle. “We are committed to making improvements that will serve our customers well during both normal operations and in the case of an emergency.”