Cal Water news release

Main Replacement Project to Improve Reliability in Chico

Main replacement in ChicoCal Water is completing a water main replacement project in the city of Chico that includes the addition of nearly 1,500 feet of new water main. The new main will increase the flow of water, eliminate leaks, enhance fire protection, and improve the overall water supply reliability in the downtown Chico area.

The older 6-inch, cast iron main was replaced with an 8-inch PVC pipe. Once the project is completed, which is expected by the beginning of March, residents on Olive Street and East 6th and 5th Streets will also have had their service lines replaced, and their meter boxes replaced, if needed.

“This project is part of a larger, proactive plan to replace aging and less reliable water main in the Chico District to improve the dependability of our system. It’s part of our commitment to provide our customers and communities with quality, service, and value,” said District Manager Pete Bonacich. “One of the many benefits of the project is that the new main will allow more water to flow to the area to better support important fire-fighting capabilities.”