Cal Water news release

San Carlos Pump Station Renovations Enhance Reliability

Excavation in San CarlosCal Water has started a major renovation of a critical pump station in the city of San Carlos to improve water service reliability for local customers. Once the water system improvement project is complete, which is expected by late August, the station on Hilltop Drive will have two new booster pumps, a surge tank, and an emergency generator.

The project will occur in two phases so that the station remains operational during construction. First, Cal Water will demolish and remove a 165,000-gallon, concrete water storage tank that has been offline for many years. In that location, crews will then install:

  • Two booster pumps, which pump and send water into the distribution system
  • A surge tank, which helps relieve any excess water pressure to help protect the pipes and equipment
  • New electrical equipment to monitor and operate the station

After the new infrastructure is in service, crews will begin the second phase of the project. In this phase, crews will decommission and remove the old equipment. Then, crews will add:

  • An emergency generator, which will ensure the pump station will not lose service during power outages and customers will continue to receive water
  • A new fence, curb, and pavement around the station

The pavement and driveway area will be elevated to improve water drainage along curbs and gutters during storms and prevent flooding around the site. It will also enable crews to conduct facility maintenance without obstructing traffic in the surrounding neighborhood.

“Our main priority is to continue delivering water to our customers safely and efficiently, so the phases will allow for minimal shutdowns, if any, and reduce the impact to customers,” said Interim District Manager Mike Utz. “When this water system improvement project is completed, customers in the area will benefit from increased system reliability during both normal conditions and after emergencies or natural disasters.”

With the increased residential development in the surrounding area since the station was first constructed, as part of the project, Cal Water has designed the new building to blend in aesthetically with the neighborhood and will add enhanced safety features to the station.