South San Francisco 2023 Conservation Report

South San Francisco 2023 conservation report infographic

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Conserve my California. Save water every day.

Cal Water empowers our customers to conserve water by offering programs designed to reduce water use and associated energy demands, thereby promoting long-term supply reliability and environmental sustainability. We offer financial incentives to aid our customers in the retrofit of their homes and businesses, including, but not limited to: high-efficiency appliances, fixtures, and irrigation devices; drought-tolerant landscapes; and water-use monitoring applications. This report highlights the water savings achieved by our South San Francisco District customers in 2023 and over the lifetime of our programs.

Annual & Lifetime Savings

Conservation programs used by customers in Cal Water’s South San Francisco District resulted in a savings of:

  • In 2023: 1.2 million gallons
  • Over their lifetime: 13.8 million gallons

Lifetime Savings by Category

  • Irrigation equipment & landscape upgrades: 3.4 million gallons
  • Plumbing fixture replacements: 10 million gallons
  • Residential customer assistance: 395,000 gallons

Lifetime Cumulative Savings

  • Programs implemented since 2011 will result in a lifetime cumulative savings of: 1.1 billion gallons