Turf Replacement Rebate Program

Effective September 30, 2016, Cal Waters Turf Replacement Rebate Program is closed. If you have already received project conditional approval and have complied with the terms and conditions of the program, we will be sending additional communication to you via the email address that you provided. For Visalia customers, please refer to the Rebates and Programs page for program details.

If you are interested, you may be eligible for the States Turf Removal Rebate Program. The below table lists potentially eligible districts and the state program’s web-site address (where available).

District Available Rebates
Antelope Valley saveourwaterrebates.com
Bakersfield saveourwaterrebates.com
– Mid-Peninsula saveourwaterrebates.com
– South San Francisco saveourwaterrebates.com
Bear Gulch saveourwaterrebates.com
Chico saveourwaterrebates.com
Dixon saveourwaterrebates.com
East Los Angeles None
Kern River Valley saveourwaterrebates.com
King City saveourwaterrebates.com
Livermore saveourwaterrebates.com
Los Altos saveourwaterrebates.com
Marysville saveourwaterrebates.com
Oroville saveourwaterrebates.com
Rancho Dominguez
– Dominguez None
– Hawthorne None
– Hermosa Redondo None
– Palos Verdes None
Redwood Valley saveourwaterrebates.com
Salinas saveourwaterrebates.com
Selma saveourwaterrebates.com
Stockton saveourwaterrebates.com
Visalia saveourwaterrebates.com
Westlake None
Willows saveourwaterrebates.com