Rebates and Programs

Select your service type and district (and, in some cases, your water system) to see a list of conservation rebates and programs currently available to you. If you do not know your district and water system, visit the Find My District page.

Purchases made in 2017 are no longer eligible for rebate.


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High-efficiency toilet rebate (MaP Premium Models)

Amount: Up to $100

Eligible Devices: Devices from this list

In addition to meeting the rigorous performance standards of WaterSense labeled toilets, MaP premium toilets must use 1.06 gallons per flush or less and meet a minimum MaP threshold of 600 grams of waste removed from the toilet fixture in a single flush.

High-efficiency clothes washer rebate

Amount: $150

Eligible Devices: Devices from this list

High-efficiency clothes washers use 35-50% less water and approximately 50% less energy than traditional washers. See the rebate application for additional restrictions and qualifications.

Smart irrigation controller rebate

Amount: Up to $125

Eligible Devices: Devices from this list

Smart irrigation controllers automatically adjust their watering schedule in response to changing weather conditions. See the rebate application for restrictions and qualifications.

Free sprinkler nozzles

To help you save water around your home, Cal Water is partnering with to make water-saving high-efficiency nozzles available at no charge to our customers. Single-family accounts are eligible to receive up to 50 free nozzles. To receive a voucher for free spray nozzles, have your Cal Water account number available and go to For more information, visit the Free Sprinkler Nozzles page.