Free Sprinkler Nozzles

Free Sprinkler Nozzles are available to Cal Water residential customers in eligible water systems. See the Rebates and Programs page to see if your area is participating in this program.

To help you save water, Cal Water is partnering with to make Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles available at no charge to our residential customers.

Single-family residential customers may receive up to 25 free nozzles per account.

Precision Series Spray Nozzle benefits

H2O Chip Technology: A patented system that distributes water more efficiently and reaches the desired radii with less flow.

Lower Precipitation Rate: Uses 1/3 less flow to reach a radius of a conventional spray nozzle yet achieves higher irrigation efficiency or Maximum Precipitation Rate (MPR).

No Moving Parts: Assures no variation at the end of the water arc for better edge definition.

Uniform Droplet Size: The H2O Chip generates a larger, more uniform droplet size—resulting in consistency across the irrigated arc, increased wind resistance, and minimal unintentional watering of hardscape features that leads to run-off.

Greater Operating Pressure Range: Consistent performance from 20 to 50 pounds per square inch (PSI) without wasteful misting or fogging.

Male and Female Threaded Models: Ensure retrofit capability and are compatible with other sprinkler bodies.

Why Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles?

Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles use a patented “H2O Chip” technology that offers performance characteristics that are visibly different from conventional spray nozzles. The secret lies within the chamber of the H2O Chip.

Only visible with strobe light illumination, water oscillates at more than 200 cycles per second — creating a spray pattern that offers better coverage, defined edges, reduced run-off, and lower flow, which ultimately results in less water use.

These nozzles are proven to provide up to 30% water savings* per head compared to existing conventional systems. While other spray nozzles may achieve comparable water savings to the Precision Series Spray Nozzles, they do not provide a simple one-to-one change without requiring home owners and businesses to significantly increase valve run times.

How to order

To receive a voucher for Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles, have your Cal Water account information available and go to

*Projections of savings are based on comparison of Precision Series Spray Nozzles and conventional spray nozzles using the same watering schedule. Actual savings from installing Precision Spray nozzles may vary based on site conditions, head spacing, and other factors.