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Educational Materials

We are pleased to offer a variety of educational and informative publications to teachers and students in our service areas at no charge to help make learning and teaching about water conservation easier.

To order publications, fill out the form below. Publications are available to current Cal Water customers while supplies last, and will be mailed to the service address on file. There is a limit of one of each item per service address.

Educators: Please e-mail Cal Water’s Conservation Department with your request for multiple copies of educational materials. Include your phone number and address, and we will contact you to discuss your request.

  • My Book About Water: Along with “Energy Elephant,” young readers learn where water comes from, how it gets to their home, and all the things it’s used for. 8 pages; ages 3-6.
  • Know What? We Use Water Wisely!: Know What? is an interactive workbook that helps children build water-conservation skills. It includes tips for water conservation at home and activities that encourage parents to discuss water conservation with their children. 12 pages; ages 6-8.
  • Save Water and Enjoy It!: This workbook has puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities to teach kids about water treatment and conservation. 12 pages; ages 6-9.
  • Water Conservation, a Coloring & Activities Book: In Water Conservation, Dewdrop the water droplet shows children the basics of where water comes from and the importance of water conservation. It includes coloring pages, activities, and easy-to-read text. 8 pages; ages 6-9.
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