How can I save water in my home?

  • Is your toilet a water hog? Replacing an old 3½- To 8-gallon-per-flush toilet WITH a new 1.28-gallon-per-flush (or less) high-efficiency model could save thousands of gallons per year. If you are thinking of replacing a toilet, rebates may be available.
  • Do you have a leaky faucet? A little drip may not seem like much, but a faucet that drips just five times a minute may be wasting more than 200 gallons of water a year.
  • Do you leave the faucet running when you brush your teeth? Turn it off to save 70 gallons per month or more. You can also install water-saving faucet aerators to further reduce your faucet water use. if you don’t have water-saving aerators, Cal Water has them available at no charge to customers as part of our conservation kits.
  • Do you like long showers? Even if you already have a high-efficiency showerhead, every minute you shorten your shower can save up to 75 gallons per month.
  • Do you have an old washing machine? A high-efficiency clothes washer may use half the water and energy that a traditional washer uses. And don’t forget to only run full loads (in your dishwasher, too). If you are thinking of replacing an inefficient washing machine, rebates may be available.
  • Conservation kits (including high-efficiency shower heads, shutoff hose nozzles, leak detection dye tablets, and more) can be ordered online.
  • Rebates on qualified purchases of high-efficiency toilets and washing machines as well as other programs may be available in your area, so check the rebates page often.
  • Have a suggestion for avoiding water waste? Send it to us!