Watering restrictions due to MWD shutdown lifted

August 15, 2022 update: The Metropolitan Water District water main repair has been completed, and our customers may resume outdoor watering in compliance with current drought regulations. Thank you for your cooperation suspending outdoor irrigation over the past two weeks to ensure enough water remained available for health and safety needs.

August 15, 2022

Cal Water’s Dominguez, Hermosa-Redondo, Palos Verdes, Hawthorne, and East Los Angeles service areas are included in the area affected by the Metropolitan Water District shutdown and emergency repair in September. We ask that all of our customers in these areas suspend outdoor watering between September 6-19 to ensure we all continue to have enough water for health and safety during the repair.

Get more details, project updates, and ways to support your landscaping during this time on Metropolitan’s web site at www.mwdh2o.com/shutdown. Read Metropolitan’s full press release here.