Phone scam reported

Scam alertWe have been made aware of an attempt to scam individuals by spoofing a Cal Water phone number so the caller id shows as coming from Cal Water. We have contacted the carrier to trace this number and put an end to this scam.

As a reminder, Cal Water does not call our customers and specifically ask for payment using a specific method. If Cal Water ever needs to contact you regarding non-payment, we will provide information for all available payment methods, which currently include Western Union pay stations, online through our web site, and pay-by-phone via our automated phone payment line (1-866-734-0743).

In addition, please also note that Cal Water has temporarily suspended disconnections for non-payment due to the current public health emergency.

If you receive a call or letter related to your water bill and are unsure whether it is legitimate, please do not deposit any checks or provide any credit card or personal information, and call your local Customer Center for verification.

For additional information, please see our Protecting Yourself Against Utility Scams page.