All Districts: Phone scam targeting utility customers

Please be aware that scammers are targeting utility customers by phone and demanding that they make an immediate payment to avoid disconnection for non-payment of their utility bills. Cal Water does not call our customers and specifically ask for payment using a “prepaid card” or by any specific type of money transfer. Prepaid cards are different than credit cards; however, both can be used for electronic transactions. If Cal Water needs to contact you regarding any pending disconnection for non-payment, we will provide information for all available payment methods, which include in-person at our Customer Center or pay stations, online through our web site, and pay-by-phone via our automated phone payment line (1-866-734-0743).

If you receive such a call about your water bill and are unsure whether it is legitimate, please do not provide any credit card or personal information, and call your local Customer Center for verification.