Marysville Flat to Meter

April 2009

Dear Marysville Customers,

Cal Water will begin installing water meters on its 2,617 existing flat-rate services this month as required by state law. Conversions must be completed by 2025, but the company estimates that it will complete the project by 2018, converting about 260 flat-rate services per year.

The law requiring all customers to have water meters is designed to promote water conservation, according to Marysville District Manager Lee Seidel. During the summer, for example, the average water usage for metered customers is 27 Ccf per month (1 Ccf equals 748 gallons); for flat-rate customers, average summer usage is estimated to be 42 Ccf per month.

Studies have shown that introducing meters generally encourages water conservation in the 10-12% range. Customers will be able to manage and monitor their water consumption, and can benefit from a reduced water bill in some instances.

“Our population is increasing, but water supply is a finite resource. I would encourage all of our customers — flat-rate and metered — to take advantage of the conservation programs we offer,” said Seidel. “It’s critical that we use water efficiently, and water meters are one way to help customers be more accountable for the water they use.”

To maximize efficiency and minimize the impact to customers, the meter installation and conversion schedule is based on current meter-reading routes for the company. Meters will be installed at no additional direct cost to customers, as the costs of the conversion are accounted for in water bill fees.

Cal Water serves about 12,800 people through 3,700 connections in the Marysville area. The company has provided water service in the area since 1930.