Carousel Tract Water Main Replacement Project FAQs

As Shell performs work in the Carousel Tract neighborhood of Carson, Cal Water will be moving and replacing its water mains in the area. This is the second and final phase of this project.

What type of work will be done?

Our crews will install about 5,500 feet of new 8-inch water main, and move meter boxes and fire hydrants from customers’ front yards to the sidewalk. Our crews will be excavating trenches in the street. At the end of each day, all open excavations will be filled in with temporary asphalt or covered with steel plates.

After the new mains are installed, our crews will flush the water lines prior to taking water quality samples. After test results are returned, individual water service connections will be tied to the new main.

How long will construction take?

The second phase of this project is expected to take approximately 12 weeks. However, during construction, minor delays are possible. We will make every effort to minimize any disruption and inconvenience to residents.

Will my water be turned off?

In order to accommodate Shell’s work in Cluster 4, Cal Water crews will have to temporarily interrupt water service to the below properties on Tuesday, August 15 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

  • 244th Street: 373, 377
  • Panama Avenue: 24402, 24406, 24410, 24416, 24420, 24426, 24430, 24436, 24502, 24508, 24512, 24518, 24522, 24528, 24417, 24421, 24427, 24431, 24437, 24503, 24509, 24513, 24519, 24523, 24529

During the temporary interruptions, bottled water will be available to the affected homes. A Cal Water representative will be on-site beginning Monday, August 14. Please contact the on-site Cal Water representative or Frank Scotty at (310) 257-1400 to request bottled water or for any questions or concerns you may have.

Will there be street closures?

There may be temporary street closures while crews excavate. If there are street closures, we will have a traffic attendant on-site to direct vehicular traffic and we will work with residents so they can get in and out of their driveways.

Can I park in front of my house during construction?

There will be no parking allowed in the areas where crews are excavating. We will place “no parking” signs prior to the work starting and will remove them after crews complete each section.

Will I be notified of project changes or delays?

We will hand-deliver notices to residents in the area with updates. This information will also be share with the Carousel Community Implementation Committee and the City of Carson.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact the project manager, Frank Scotty, at (310) 257-1400. In addition, we have an informational table set up on-site with a Cal Water representative.

Map of work zone:

Map of the work zone