Utility Scammers Reported in Bakersfield

We have received a report of a scammer posing as a Cal Water employee who contacted a Bakersfield customer by phone and asked them to make a payment at a pay station in order to avoid disconnection. In a separate incident, it was reported that a scammer posing as a Cal Water representative in Bakersfield asked to be let into a customer’s home to perform an inspection.

Please be aware that our employees always carry identification badges, and most wear uniforms and drive trucks bearing the Cal Water logo. In addition, Cal Water generally does not call customers and ask them to make payments or direct them to pay stations.

If you are ever unsure about someone claiming to be a Cal Water employee in person or on the phone, please do not to let them into your home, arrange any kind of payment, or provide banking information. Instead, call your local Customer Center for verification.

As always, your safety is our No. 1 priority.